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A Talk with Peter Rough: The U.S. after the Elections
December 3, 2020

For the third time, a virtual live conversation took place on Facebook as part of our Fall 2020 Virtual Speaker Series. The topic of this issue was “The USA after the Election” and organized and held jointly with the Karl-Franzens University Graz and the Austro-American Society Styria.

In this talk, Peter Rough, US political expert with Carinthian roots from the conservative Hudson Institute in Washington, DC, met with Caitlin Ahern, US-American residing in Graz and board member of Democrats Abroad Austria,and the cultural historian Stefan Rabitsch, from the universities Graz and Klagenfurt and board member of the Austrian-American Society of Styria. The evening was moderated by Markus Steppan, lawyer and legal historian at the University of Graz.