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Ambassador Kennedy at the Women Leadership Forum
September 20, 2022
September 21, 2022

Photo by Katharina Schiffl
Moderator Sonja Kato, Ambassador Victoria Kennedy and Renate Altenhofer, Initiator of Women Leadership Forum (Photo: Katharina Schiffl)

Ambassador Victoria Kennedy delivered one of the keynote addresses at yesterday’s Women Leadership Forum at the Vienna International Centre, emphasizing the important role modeling role of women leaders. The Women Leadership Forum celebrates its 10th anniversary and the goal of this year’s forum was to promote greater participation, inclusiveness, and visibility of women at all levels of the sustainability workforce.


Ambassador Kennedy:When women achieve high office or business success, they impact and empower future generations of women and girls to follow in their footsteps. If you can see her, you can be her.”

Photo by Katharina Schiffl
Women Leadership Forum 2022 (Photo: Katharina Schiffl)