Ambassador Traina: How to Start a Business

Ambassador Traina at the Amerika Haus
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Ambassador Traina chats with the audience

Ambassador Trevor Traina invited the local entrepreneurship crowd to the Amerika Haus for a talk on how to start a new business. Many of the young entrepreneurs have already participated in one of the Embassy’s entrepreneurial programs, like the “Austria to Austin exchange program” or the Entrepreneurship Breakfast series, co-hosted with the Austrian Economic Chamber. Therefore, the focus of this talk was set on providing an in-depth look at the intricacies of entrepreneurship.

As a successful serial entrepreneur, the Ambassador could tap into his own experiences. The valuable insights he shared with his audience covered a wide range of useful information, including tips on how to avoid pitfalls during the startup planning stage, how to navigate major problems while sticking to one’s dream, and how to deal with the changes in the private life of the hopeful entrepreneur.

entrepreneurship, startupThe Ambassador also explained which skills entrepreneurs should develop, which culture they should establish in their startups, and how they should motivate their employees He drove home the importance of raising money and the significance of realizing the opportune moment to sell a company.

Following his talk, the Ambassador fielded questions from the audience, and afterwards joined the entrepreneurs for an hour of lively networking.