Ambassador Traina visits Miba and voestalpine

At Miba: Christoph Ederer, Managing Director Engine Bearings Branch; Ambassador Trevor Traina and F. Peter Mitterbauer, CEO

Ambassador Traina traveled to the industrial powerhouse of Upper Austria to visit two of the largest Austrian investors in the United States, voestalpine and Miba. Together, voestalpine and Miba employ thousands of Americans in plants from Texas to Wisconsin to Georgia, investing over $1 billion in the U.S. economy, not only investing in American manufacturing, but also in the American people. Both voestalpine and Miba run apprenticeship programs for American workers based on the Austrian model.

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At voestalpine: Matthias Pastl, Head Communications Steel Division; and Ambassador Traina

Voestalpine and Miba are both perfect examples of Austrian-American economic cooperation and collaboration.