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An Uncertain Future: The State of Transatlantic Relations in a World on Fire
November 21, 2023

Panel discussion at the Amerika Haus
Anthony Silberfeld, Monika Rosen, Eva Nowotny, and Thomas Eder (from left to right)
Group photo of the panelists with cultural attaché Erin Robertson
Anthony Silberfeld, Eva Nowotny, Michaela Rosen, cultural attaché Erin Robertson, and Thomas Eder (from left to right)

On November 15, the Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation in cooperation with the U.S. Embassy in Austria hosted a panel discussion followed by Q&A on “An Uncertain Future: The State of Transatlantic Relations in a World on Fire” at Amerika Haus Vienna.  Panelists included Anthony Silberfeld, Director, Transatlantic Relations, Bertelsmann Foundation, Amb. ret. Eva Nowotny, Vice President, Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation, Thomas Eder, researcher, Austrian Institute for International Affairs, and moderator Monika Rosen, Vice President, Austro-American Society Vienna. The event, which focused on transatlantic relations against the backdrop of current crises and in view of upcoming elections in the United States, the European Union, and Austria attracted more than 120 visitors. The Transatlantic Periscope is an initiative by the Bertelsmann Foundation, where select individuals from 27 EU countries plus the U.K. participate in regular polls on the quality of transatlantic relations, with the event at Amerika Haus marking the launch of the Austria module. See more photos from this event