COVID-19 Information (March 30, 2020)

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Country-Specific Information for Austria:

  • Austria is at a State Department Travel Advisory level 4, which means “DO NOT TRAVEL.” Americans should depart Austria immediately via commercial aircraft, if you are planning on leaving Austria. You should push up your departure date if you have a return ticket for some time in the future.  Flight availability is limited, and may be further limited or unavailable in the future.
  • U.S. citizens and their immediate relatives, green card holders, and diplomats are exempt from the 14-day waiting period to enter the U.S. Click here for the latest information regarding entry into the U.S. from the Department of Homeland Security.
  • U.S. citizens remaining in Austria should be prepared to shelter in place for the duration of travel restrictions. The duration is unknown. Whether to depart Austria or remain is a personal decision based upon each individual’s circumstances.
  • The Austrian Government has requested that individuals maintain limited social interactions and comply with the following measures:
    • Public gatherings of more than five people are forbidden.
    • Do not leave your home except for essential duties, such as:
      • Procurement of groceries and necessary supplies.  Persons entering grocery stores must wear a protective mask, provided at the store.
      • To assist others who are unable to leave their homes.
      • To perform essential work or assist with COVID-19 response.
      • For walks with co-habitants in groups no larger than five.
    • People found in violation of these regulations may be fined by local police. U.S. Citizens in Austria are encouraged to abide by local regulations and heed instructions from Austrian authorities.
    • All restaurants, bars, cafes and non-essential businesses are closed. Groceries, pharmacies, and other essential shops remain open, but with limited hours. Essential shops/services include grocery stores, pharmacies, banks, postal services, pet stores, gas stations, medical facilities and public transportation.
    • Hotels and guest houses are closed to tourist use. If you are currently staying in an Austrian hotel, please work with your hotel to clarify if you will be allowed to remain.
    • Employers should allow employees to telework whenever possible.
  • Austria has confirmed cases of COVID-19 within its borders. For a current count of tested vs. confirmed cases click here.
  • All suspicious cases in Austria are sent for screening. To date, persons tested have been treated and/or quarantined as appropriate and released after 14 days.
  • Austria has a robust public health system and detailed response planning in place, but we cannot guarantee outcomes.

Entry and Exit Requirements:

  • Austria has suspended all visa operations. For the latest on entry and exit requirements, click here.
  • Foreigners who cannot depart Austria due to COVID-19 travel complications will not have an administrative penalty for overstay, but should contact Austrian authorities to notify them of the issue. Persons without approved stay extensions (90 day visa-free travelers who have stayed beyond the 90 days due to COVID-19 complications, for example) should then exit Austria as soon as their situation permits.
  • Austrian residency permit holders should follow the guidance of your local migration office when it becomes available.
  • Visitors may not enter Austria via air from outside the Schengen Zone. Austrians, non-Austrians holding residency permits, and class D visa holders are permitted to enter Austria via air from outside the Schengen Zone. There are also exceptions for healthcare workers, cargo carriers, members of international organizations, and diplomats. Anyone entering must certify in writing that they will self-quarantine for 14 days.
  • Other visitors may not enter Austria unless they obtain a medical clearance certificate in English or German from a doctor stating their health condition permits travel and they have had a test result of negative for the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The certificate must have been issued within the last four days. Failure to present this certificate will result in a 14 day quarantine. Click here for a clearance certificate in German. Click here for a clearance certificate in English.
  • For current information about border controls & access please visit one of the following links: or
  • Flight and Train schedules are severely limited. Please check with your travel agent or the carrier directly. We do not have access to travel information. Click here for the Vienna Airport operating status.

Quarantine Information:

  • Several areas of Austria are on complete quarantine, with no persons permitted to enter or exit the area.
  • American citizens in these quarantine areas may be allowed to exit with assistance from the Embassy.  Please contact us at if you request assistance.

Local Resources:

  • Please call 1450 if you believe you may have the virus. You will be given further instructions regarding testing.
  • If you have a medical emergency, you should continue to use the 112 emergency number for a life-threating illness.
  • Hospitals and doctor’s offices are still open to see patients for non-COVID illness.
  • The Austrian Ministry of Health maintains a website about the COVID-19 (in German).
  • The American Citizen Services Section of the U.S. Embassy Consular Section remains open. Please contact us at should you need further assistance.

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