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Donation of American Friendship Masks
May 18, 2020

On Monday, May 18, American Ambassador Trevor Traina met with Heinrich Himmer, director of the Vienna School Board, to discuss the American Embassy’s donation of half a million high-quality cloth “Friendship” face masks to Austria, including to Austrian elementary and secondary schools.

He then visited Enkplatz Middle School where he presented Principle Martina Vogel with masks for all students. These masks are part of an Austria-wide initiative, spearheaded by Ambassador Traina.

In addition to schools, Friendship masks will be donated to small businesses, senior homes, and other locations where there is need for reusable and washable cloth masks to support Austria as it emerges from the coronavirus crisis.

These eco-friendly, high-quality cloth masks were manufactured in California and will be distributed free of charge.

“While it is understandable in these times that nations think for themselves it is important that we also support our friends. Most do not know that in 1918 during the last pandemic America was active in Austria feeding 300,000 children every day. Today Austria is strong and does admirably in its response to the coronavirus, but we still want to help and to remind the people of Austria that Americans have always been and will always be their friends. Our friendship masks attest to that.” – Ambassador Trevor D. Traina