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School Outreach Program – Americans in Dialogue with Young Austrians about Life in the U.S.A

The U.S. Embassy introduced this program to give teachers and students the possibility to meet and talk to diplomats of the U.S. Embassy or the U.S. Missions to the OSCE and United Nations in Vienna. Visits may be structured to meet curriculum needs, and the discussions are generally conducted in English. The speakers present a short overview of a particular subject relating to American society – e.g. popular culture, the educational system, domestic politics, daily life – as well as issues pertaining to international affairs, or talk more generally about their lives (their jobs, the schools and universities they attended, their hometowns) and then open the floor to discussion and questions.

This program is designed to help clarify the picture by bringing Americans – U.S. Embassy staff – together with secondary school students in Austria to engage them in dialogue about everyday life in the United States. The speakers meet with the students at their schools or at the U.S. Embassy to talk about anything that helps give the students an impression on “how the Americans think”. The intention is not to focus primarily on current policy issues, but rather to offer a dialogue on social, historical or cultural aspects of the United States and the interests and aspirations of Americans.   The discussions are conducted in English.

The U.S. Embassy Vienna coordinates the program, receives the requests from the schools, recruits the speakers and coordinates all administrative and logistical details.

How to Request a School Visit

Speaker requests from interested schools should include

  • Desired date (requests should be made well in advance; please give alternate dates)
  • Name, address and information about the school as well as the type of school, etc.
  • Grade of the class
  • Number of participating students
  • Suggested or likely discussion topics
  • The name and telephone number/email of a contact person at the school
  • The Embassy will make travel arrangements for the speaker. There is no charge to the requesting school or institution.

If you would be interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, please contact the U.S. Embassy ( for more information.
Please see this information sheet (pdf/211kb) to find out about available presentations.