Meet U.S.

Connecting Austrians with U.S. Diplomats


The Meet U.S. school outreach program gives Austrian students (16 and older) and teachers an opportunity to connect with U.S. diplomats and discuss life in the United States.  Whether you would like to know about the education, hometown, or work of U.S. diplomats, or talk about the U.S. political system or history.  We would be glad to either visit your school (depending on the address) or welcome you at the U.S. Embassy in Vienna or at Amerika Haus for a discussion.

The discussions are in English and the American guest speakers provide an overview of the topic you select from the below options.  The overview is approximately thirty minutes, followed by a question-and-answer session.

Topics to choose from:

  • U.S. elections
  • U.S. education system
  • U.S. political system
  • U.S. media
  • U.S.-Austrian diplomatic relations
  • American dream
  • Civil Rights movement
  • Hollywood and pop culture vs. real America
  • Amish
  • Native Americans

If you are interested in the Meet U.S. program, please email us at  Participation in this program is free. All presentations will be held virtually until COVID-19 restrictions allow for in-person events to resume. 

To request a visit, please provide the following information:

  • Name of school and address
  • Visit to your school, the Embassy, or Amerika Haus
  • Preferred date (please list a few options, with at least four weeks of lead time)
  • Number of students and their age
  • Number of teachers accompanying the students
  • Preferred topic