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Learn, exchange, grow, and serve. The U.S. Department of State offers many programs for non-U.S. citizens wishing to come to the U.S. for cultural, educational, or professional exchange. These programs are augmented by local opportunities in countries around that world that allow non-U.S. citizens to explore U.S. culture and the English language.

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Exchange Programs in Austria

AFS: Experience new cultures, learn languages, broaden horizons – we make it possible. Whether with a year abroad, a semester abroad or one of our short-term programs!

AIFS: If you want to achieve goals, you have to know the way! Welcome to AIFS Educational Travel, one of the world’s leading tour operators for study abroad, study trips, adventure travel and cultural exchange.

ASSIST: Connecting America’s finest schools with the world’s leading scholars. ASSIST creates life-changing opportunities for outstanding international scholars to learn from and contribute to the finest American independent secondary schools. Exchange students participating in the year-long ASSIST program enjoy an experience that lasts a lifetime!

EF Education First: On language trips in 2022 you not only learn a language, you live it. On a language trip, you surround yourself with the foreign language at school and in everyday life around the clock and not only find new friends at a dream destination, but also quickly improve your language skills!

International Experience e.V.: Experience the time of your life: student exchange, year abroad, exchange year. High School Programs Worldwide – Student Exchange. With us as your advisor, your student exchange or year abroad in a foreign country will be a complete success!

Travelbee: Experience a piece of the world. With the year abroad from travelbee. Make the world your home! travelbee enables you to immerse yourself in new cultures, get to know the people and traditions of the country, improve your language skills, become part of society and make friends for life so that you can come back from the exchange more independently, adult and goal-oriented.

YFU Austria – Interkultureller Schüleraustausch: With our programs we promote intercultural understanding, mutual respect and social responsibility. Families and young people are particularly important to us. With us, you will be looked after professionally and cordially by our team from day one!

Exchange Program Alumni – Resources & Opportunities

Diverse group of students

Join the Exchange Alumni community at https://alumni.state.gov, and open the door to a world of support, resources, and funding opportunities to help you continue your exchange experience and build on the skills you gained during your program. Through your account at https://alumni.state.gov
        • Candidates will have access to various grant opportunities through Foundation Directory Online (FDO) and Grants to Individuals (GTI).
        • You can read journals, academic journals, and articles through Gale and EBSCO’s first academic database.
        • You will meet former participants to connect to the network locally and globally.
        • You can find up-to-date information on live events, such as #MentorTalks, as well as pre-participant updates.
        • You can access US Government Entrepreneurship Resources to take your business thinking to the next level.
There are resources that can be accessed without logging in, such as the Enabling Entrepreneurs page. In addition, through our LinkedIn page, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you can connect with us and other former participants of the exchange program and get the latest news about the former participant.

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