Public Affairs Section

Boltzmanngasse 16
1090 Vienna
Tel. +43-1-31339-2060

The Public Affairs Section is dedicated to helping people in other countries understand the policies of the U.S. government as well as the American Peoples’ ideas and values. The activities of Public Affairs Section offices worldwide are directed toward overseas audiences. They are carried out by career American diplomats (sent from Washington) and locally engaged professionals.

Personal contact with leaders of different professions and organizations in Austria is one of Public Affairs’ most effective means of communicating. Public Affairs Vienna seeks to explain U.S. government policies and to build stronger institutional and cultural ties between the United States and Austria using the full spectrum of public diplomacy resources, including academic and professional exchanges, informational publications, seminars and conferences, media outreach, speaker programs, research and documentation, satellite digital video conferencing, and by linking institutions in Austria with counterparts in the United States. Nevertheless, personal contact by both officials and distinguished private American citizens with Austrian leaders, potential leaders as well as the general public from all segments of Austrian society is the key to what we call “public diplomacy.”