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May 16, 2022

Hotel accommodations are usually easily found except at the height of the summer tourist season. Nevertheless, it may be advisable to make reservations prior to the departure for Austria.

Detailed information on hotels and Bed & Breakfasts (“Pensionen”) in Austria can be obtained from the Austrian National Tourist Office in New York.

A successful method of obtaining living quarters is advertising in a local newspaper of large circulation or dealing through a real estate agent. This latter approach requires payment to the agent of an amount usually equivalent to one to six months’ rent or up to five percent of the purchase price. The employment of a real estate agent will save a lot of wear and tear, but one should exercise caution and understand the agent’s commission requirements before entering into any agreement.

Rents depend on the location, the standard of the building, and the available facilities. Rent laws and regulations are applicable in various cases, particularly to older buildings. As their provisions are a rather complex and often complicated matter, it may be advisable to seek legal advice before signing a rent agreement or lease.

Rents for unfurnished apartments in Vienna or other major cities and towns may vary between $ 700 and $ 3,000 up per month for a two-bedroom apartment with bathroom and kitchen (utilities not included).