Independence Day Celebration 2017

Welcome everyone!

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, Herr Vizekanzler Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Brandstetter. Former Ambassador Helene von Damm. Former Ambassador William Eacho and Mrs. Donna Eacho.

Thank you Solmaaz Adeli for that wonderful rendition of the American and Austrian national anthems, and “Space A,” from the Air National Guard, for the music today.

Thank you as well to all of our sponsors for making this event such a tremendous success; we really couldn’t do this without you.

On behalf of  all of us, I’d also like to thank our incredible Independence Day planning team:  Clare Zimmerman, Christl Liebisch, Christian Vojtech, Harald Lembacher, Justin Diaz, Stela Sears, and Lindsay Bowman.

Many thanks to our Tri-Missions protocol team, our facilities, security, and residence staff, and the many volunteers who helped facilitate today’s event.

To all of our guests — It’s an honor to welcome you today to celebrate 241 years of U. S. independence!

Sehr geehrte Gäste – es ist mir eine Freude Sie heute hier willkommen zu heissen um gemeinsam 241 Jahre amerikanische Unabhängigkeit feiern zu können.

We are gathered here to celebrate American democracy as well as our enduring friendship with Austria and her people, with whom we share a common history and common values.

Today we look back on all that we’ve achieved together and look forward to an even brighter shared future.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the Marshall Plan, one of the greatest international partnerships in history.

Secretary Marshall had the foresight to know that strong international and intra-European cooperation was the key to enduring prosperity on both sides of the Atlantic.

So he asked the American people to help fund the rebuilding of a war-torn Europe.

This strong American support, together with the commitment of European leaders, including those in Austria, to work together to create a future of sustained peace and partnership have had a deep and lasting impact across this continent.

For the United States, our commitment to continued cooperation and partnership with the European Union continues today.

As Vice President Mike Pence said:  we are separated by an ocean, but we are joined by a common heritage and by a common commitment to freedom, to democracy, and to the rule of law.

And we’re confident that that bond will endure and grow in the years ahead as we meet our future — together.

Thank you all for coming out today! Enjoy the sunshine, grab a burger, enjoy a cold American beer and have a happy Independence Day!

Thank you and best of luck to departing Chargés:   Kate, USOSCE and Andrew UNVIE