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Internationalizing African American History in the 21st Century
March 10, 2020


Last week of February, Dr. Robert F. Jefferson, Jr., came to Austria to discuss how prominent black leaders such as Booker T. Washington and Barack Obama have provided a unique window into understanding the rich complexities of the African American experience and its impact on the international stage. He talked at schools and gave a lecture at the Amerika Haus, which, for the first time, has been live-streamed on Facebook.

Dr. Jefferson is an Associate Professor of History at The University of New Mexico – UNM, and currently serving as the Fulbright Danish Distinguished Chair in American Studies at the University of Southern Denmark. He is the author of “Fighting for Hope: African American Troops of the 93rd Infantry Division in World War II and Postwar America” and “Black Veterans, Politics, and Civil Rights in Twentieth-Century America: Closing Ranks,” among others. Dr. Jefferson is also a Distinguished Lecturer for the Organization of American Historians and holds a Ph.D. in American History from the University of Michigan.