James Gaylord talks to Austrian high school students

James E. Gaylord, Supervisory Special Agent from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), gave a series of presentations to a total of about 800 Austrian high school students. Apart from talking about his career or how to become an FBI agent, he shared insights about the work of an agent, but in particular about the 2 cases he had worked on. He visited the Bundesgymnasium in Baden, the Militärgymnasium in Wr. Neustadt, the Bildungszentrum Kenyongasse, the Gymnasium Maria Regina and the Gymnasium Kundmanngasse. He also spoke at the Amerika Haus Vienna to students from 6 different schools. With his talks he managed to draw a positive image of law enforcement in the United States and show the “real” image as opposed to the fictional one (of FBI, NCIS etc.) that young Austrians are familiar with from the movies.