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How to apply for a local job at Tri-Missions Vienna
March 30, 2022

All local vacancies are posted through Monster.com’s ERA (Electronic Application Application) website. Applications must be completed and sent via ERA . Applications in paper format or by e-mail are not permitted.

To apply for a position, click on the position title and fill out the online application. To apply, you must log in to your ERA Account . To open an account, click “Create Account” on the ERA login page. The video here shows you the steps to create a new user account. You can use your ERA Account to search for vacancies, apply for a job and track the status of your applications.

Before applying:

Please read the job posting carefully and ensure you meet all hiring and qualification requirements. Also have information and documentation about your work experience, education, work or residence permit and contact details that you need to enter into the online application.

Applicants are advised to read the Eight Qualities of Overseas Workers (pdf/31kb). These qualities are essential to becoming a successful member of the Tri-Missions Vienna staff.