“70 Years Marshall Plan” Exhibit at the Carinthian State Archive

“The Marshall Plan was second to none in promoting and securing peace and prosperity in Europe following World War Two,” said Embassy Counselor Stephen Hubler in his remarks at the opening of the Marshall Plan anniversary exhibit at the Carinthian State Archive on April 11.  Following words of welcome by State Archive Director Dr. Wilhelm Wadl, who called the Marshall Plan a ‘perpetuum mobile,’ Carinthian Governor Dr. Peter Kaiser in his remarks pointed out how 410 projects had received funding from ERP loans totaling € 71 million 2017 in Carinthia alone.  Mag. Thomas Zeloth, economic historian and Deputy Director of the Carinthian State Archive, referred to the impressive number of businesses and projects that had received Marshall Plan aid and mentioned that with 28,000 Austrian Schillings per person in the workforce, Carinthia was the largest recipient of Marshall Plan support.  Jazz tunes performed by the Carinthian State Conservatory’s Konse Quartet concluded the official part of the opening.