Marshall Plan Exhibit – Austrian Ministry of Economics

The finissage of the handsome exhibit celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Marshall Plan that has been on display at the Austrian Ministry of Economics for the past month, provided an opportunity to review the impact of this landmark economic initiative for the benefit of European recovery following WWII.  Twelve panels outline the beginnings of the Marshall Plan; give examples of its long-term effect on Austria’s post-War economic development; explain the role of the ERP Fund, later incorporated into austria wirtschafts service (aws), in financing infrastructure measures, providing loans to Austrian companies and promoting research and development; and introduce the Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation and its numerous initiatives in promoting academic exchange between Austria and the United States.  In their remarks, Mag. Matthias Bischof, Mag. Gerfried Brunner, both aws, and Cultural Attaché Nathanael Lynn, U. S. Embassy, reminded an interested audience of the importance of the Marshall Plan for Austria’s economic success today.  In the course of the coming months, the exhibit, which was commissioned by aws and created by checkpointmedia, will travel to select cities throughout Austria.