An American Historian´s View of the First Republic, 1918-1938

“Once a teacher, always a teacher” – Prof.emerit. Bruce Pauley, University of Central Florida, an expert on Austrian history, shared his views on the First Republic, 1918-1938 at Amerika Haus at the invitation of Fulbright Austrian and the U.S. Embassy. He was introduced by Doz. Dr. Heidemarie Uhl, Austrian Academy of Sciences, who underlined the importance of the look from outside on Austria’s – and in fact, any country’s – history.  In his remarks Pauley made ample reference to his family’s European heritage and his own experience as an exchange student in Austria in the 1960s.His engaging style of delivery and the lively Q&A that followed his remarks once again proofed that here was a historian who had made the most of his exchange experience, and who had found his calling.