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Perspectives on Race Relations in the U.S. and Austria
November 12, 2020

At the second event in our Fall 2020 Virtual Speaker Series last Tuesday, Daryl Davis, U.S. activist, author, and Grammy Award-winning musician talked and discussed Christa Bauer, Mauthausen Komitee Österreich and moderator Djamila Grandits, CineCollective about their experiences and objectives.

Daryl Davis is an American R&B and Blues musician, activist, author, and actor. His efforts to improve race relations, in which he engaged with members of the Ku Klux Klan, convinced hundreds of Klansmen to leave and denounce the KKK. Daryl has received acclaim for his book “Klan-Destine Relationships” and his documentary “Accidental Courtesy” from CNN, NBC, and The Washington Post, among others.

Christa Bauer is Executive Secretary of Mauthausen Committee Austria, a nonpartisan and nonreligious organization working particularly with young people to prevent every form of fascism, racism, Neo-Nazism, chauvinism, and anti-Semitism.

Djamila Grandits is a curator and cultural worker currently in charge of Kaleidoskop – Film und Freiluft am Karlsplatz. She previously co-directed Vienna’s international human rights film festival This Human World.

The event has been co-hosted by the Mauthausen Committee Austria.