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PRIDE Reception

Remarks by
Ambassador Victoria Kennedy
PRIDE Reception
June 6, 2023
Ambassador’s Residence


Ambassador Kennedy addresses the guests at her residence.

Welcome and happy Pride Month! I’m so pleased to have so many members and supporters of the LGBTQI+ community here tonight. Katharina Kacerovsky-Strobl from Stonewall and Anne-Sophie Otto of HOSI – we are so grateful for your unwavering leadership and tireless dedication in championing the rights of the LGBTQI+ community in Austria.

To my friend and colleague Michael Carpenter, the U.S. Ambassador to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe – the OSCE – thank you for being here. And thank you for your leadership and dedication.

I’m also delighted to welcome two other ambassadorial colleagues — Ambassador Salome Meyer of Switzerland and Ambassador Natasha Daudey of Malta. Thank you both for your tireless dedication to equality.

I’m also grateful to all of the members of Diplomats for Equality, many of whom are here tonight. All of us at the U.S. Embassy value our partnership with you and the collective impact we can achieve together to advance equality and inclusion for individuals here in Austria and beyond.

I’m happy to say that the United States of America is committed to protecting the fundamental human rights and freedom of all LGBTQI+ individuals. So, whether you

  • serve in a national, regional, or local government body ensuring the rights of LGBTQI+ persons; or
  • provide services that bring greater mental and physical health to the queer community; or
  • own, invest in, or support LGBTQI+ friendly businesses; or
  • raise people’s spirits through inclusive performances; or
  • promote more inclusive attitudes and practices in any ot
  • my colleagues at the U.S. Embassy and I are honored to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you.

This year, the theme of Vienna Pride is “Together We Rise.” How great is that – together. As President John F. Kennedy said at his inauguration 62 years ago, “United there is little we cannot do. . . Divided there is little we can do. . . .”

So yes. Together, we work for progress and change. Together, we march for equal rights and equal opportunity. Together we rise.

Happy Pride to you all.