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Tri-Mission Members Join Vienna Pride Parade
June 20, 2023

U.S. Embassy Vienna joined “Diplomats for Equality” in the PRIDE Parade
“Diplomats for Equality” marching in the PRIDE Parade in Vienna


Ambassador Kennedy, CDA Solomon, and other Tri-Mission members were proud to support the advancement of human rights of LGBTQI+ persons at the Vienna Pride Parade.
“Diplomats for Equality” marching along the Ringstrasse
Ambassador Victoria Kennedy (2nd from right) and other “Diplomats for Equality”

President Biden has set the tone with his inspiring words:

❤️ Be you.
🧡 You are loved.
💛 You are heard.
💚 You are understood.
💙 You belong.

💜 #LoveIsLove

Members of the U.S. Embassy Vienna
Marching in front of the Austrian parliament