Second Passport

Under passport regulations, an individual may not possess more than one passport of any one type (tourist, official, diplomatic) at the same time. On occasion, the Department of State will make an exception to this policy for individuals who travel extensively and often for business purposes. These second passports are issued for a validity of two years provided a valid justification for issuance exists.

Circumstances in which the Department of State will generally approve issuance of a second fee passport are when:

  • An individual travels so frequently that their passport is needed both for travel and submission for foreign visa applications simultaneously.

Approval and issuance of a second passport is not automatic.

Applications for a second passport should include the following:

  • Form DS-82 (pdf/90kb) (disregard the instructions on the application as they apply in the United States). NOTE: You cannot currently list a “Country” when completing the “Emergency Contact” section on our forms. Please list an emergency contact in the United States.
  • Form Request for a Second Passport (pdf/11kb).
  • A written statement in English from your employer on company letterhead justifying the need for a second passport and stating the bearer’s understanding that any loss or theft of either passport will be reported immediately to the nearest Consulate, Embassy, or passport agency.
  • One photo, see photo instructions.
  • Your most recent U.S. passport.
  • A self-addressed stamped return envelope.
    Attention: For all passport applications you must submit a self-addressed and pre-paid envelope for return registered mail!!!
    For maximum security, we will only return passports by registered mail, please follow as instructed;
    Please provide stamps in the amount of € 6.25. Get a “Einschreiben/Registered” sticker from your local post office. Fill in the sticker (do not attach it to the envelope) and attach only the stamps on your self-addressed envelope (preferably size A5).
  • Application fee $ 110 or € 110 (no checks are accepted).
  • Please book an appointment on our website. Our address is: Parkring 12a, 1010 Vienna (entrance at the North side of the Marriott building).
  • Mail the passport, completed application form, photographs and fee by registered mail to:

U.S. Embassy/Consular Section-Passports
Boltzmanngasse 16
1090 Vienna

Processing time is approximately 7 to 10 working days.

If you would like to apply in person, please book an appointment on our website. Our address is: Parkring 12a, 1010 Vienna (entrance at the North side of the Marriott building).