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U.S. Diplomats Present their Home State

50 States mapThe 50 States video series is a work in progress. On this map you can see the states already covered in yellow.


Alabama mapAlabama

Visit Alabama! Learn about this state and its history – with a focus on the civil rights struggle. Presented by Jennifer Hall Godfrey, Public Affairs Officer at the U.S. Mission to International Organizations in Austria. (Transcript-pdf/61kb)






Do you know about the northern lights, the Iditarod or Mr. Fur Face? Learn more about the largest state in the union from Liz Banicki, U.S. English teaching assistant. (Transcript-pdf/62kb)





Arizona mapArizona

Arizona, the Grand Canyon State, offers breathtaking vistas and many exciting stories. Learn from our intern Cody Hill about Hopi kachina dolls and religion and find out which five Cs represent Arizona’s economy. (Transcript-pdf/60kb)




Arkansas mapArkansas

From the Hot Springs National Park to Johnny Cash, from the Buffalo National River to a founder of educational and cultural exchange, over the first elected female Senator and a President of the U.S., Arkansas has a lot to offer. Let yourself be guided by Amanda Flöckner through her home state! (Transcript-PDF/52kb)




Map of CaliforniaCalifornia

Join political officer Mark Bosse on a virtual donkey ride through his home state of California, find out why it is called the Golden State and who Queen Califa was. (Transcript-pdf/54kb)




Map of ColoradoColorado

From snowcapped peaks to steep canyons, green lakes and amazing sand dunes, Colorado offers a wide spectrum of landscapes that are a delight to outdoor fans and adventure seekers. Follow Political Officer Jane Bocklage’s guided tour through the wonderful vistas of her home state. (Transcript-pdf/51kb)





Mao of ConnecticutConnecticut

A small state with a lot of nicknames: The Nutmeg State, the Constitution State, the Yankee State, the Land of Steady Habits and the Provision State. Public Affairs Officer Jan Krč describes Connecticut, then and now. (Transcript-pdf/47kb)



Map of DelawareDelaware

Dela—where? It’s a small state but home to big corporations, investments and a sizable university. Check out former Public Affairs Officer John Quintus presenting his home state. (Transcript/136kb)





Map of FloridaFlorida

“Florida — the Sunshine State,” presented by Donna Eacho. Florida is home to one of the most famous amusement parks in the world, aka “The happiest place on Earth.” (Transcript/64kb)




Map of GeorgiaGeorgia

“Gone with the Wind”, Jimmy Carter, Julia Roberts, and much more! Counselor for Commercial Affairs Sanford Owens presents his home state, also known as “Empire State of the South” or “Peach State.”  (Transcript/70kb)





Map of HawaiiHawaii

Aloha! Waikiki, hula, muumuu, Honolulu? You don’t know what we are talking about? Check out the top ten of Hawaii by Catherine Muller, former Vice-Consul at the U.S. Embassy. (Transcript/52kb)




Map of IllinoisIllinois

Visit the “City of Broad Shoulders” and the colorful forests of the “Land of Lincoln”, where jazz and blues is in the air and a deep-dish pizza on your plate! Embassy intern Laura Kaufmann talks about the favorite things of her home state Illinois. (Transcript/135kb)





Map of IndianaIndiana

Watch Chad Lemond, Office of Defense Cooperation at the Embassy, talk about his home state Indiana! (Transcript/59kb)





Map of IowaIowa

More than just a “flyover region”, Iowa has many attractions. Framed by large rivers, the state is known for e.g. the Registered Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa, called RAGBRAI. English teaching assistant Alexandria Sturtz knows it all and many more facts. (Transcript/71kb)





Map of KansasKansas

In the heart of the Old West, where Marshall Wyatt Earp represented the law and thousands of settlers started their journey to the West in their covered wagons, lies the state of Kansas. Deputy Public Affairs Officer Kellee Farmer leads you through the wind-swept plains, that become famous through the book and film “The Wizard of Oz,” and where the “Wild West” can still be felt, to the beauty of the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve. (Transcript/56kb)

Map of MaineMaine

“Vacation State” – One of the nicknames of Maine, which earned this moniker through becoming the preferred vacation destination for many Americans, as Counselor for Public Affairs (and Mainer) Teta Moehs explains about the history, economy, and culture of the 23rd state of the Union in our video. (Transcript/57mb)

Map of MarylandMaryland

Did you know… that the only actual wild ponies in the U.S. live in Maryland? …or that the Maryland Blue Crab is the official State Crustacean? …and that a “Marylander” wrote the U.S. national anthem? Get on a guided tour with Ambassador Eacho on Maryland’s history and beauty. (Transcript/34kb)

Map of MassachusettsMassachusetts

Massachusetts is a truly diverse state with small towns, big cities, beaches, mountains, and everything else in between. Did you know that the American industrial revolution began in Lowell, Massachusetts? Watch intern Heather MacDonald from the Economic/Political Section talk about her home state! (Transcript/68kb)

Map of MichiganMichigan

Vice Consul Mark Bland introduces his home state Michigan, which boasts more than 11,000 lakes, produces 25% of all cars made in the U.S. and enriches the music world with Motown Records, Eminem and Madonna. (Transcript/134kb)

Map of MinnesotaMinnesota

Robert Mevissen – intern at the U.S. Embassy – talks about the state of the 10,000 lakes. (Transcript/39kb)

Map of MississippiMississippi

Get to know “The Hospitality State,” the birthplace of America’s music: Blues, Rock and Roll and Elvis Presley!  U.S. student Michael Berube introduces his home state. (Transcript/61kb)

Map of MissouriMissouri

Mark Twain, Gateway Arch, St. Louis Cardinals – Commercial Counselor Tom Brennan introduces his home state. (Transcript/65kb)

Map of MontanaMontana

A river runs through big sky country: Montana! Check out our latest state video with U.S. Teaching Assistant Gary Warchola. (Transcript/141kb)

Map of NebraskaNebraska

The home of “the good life,” Carhenge, and Herbie Husker. Join Foreign Service Officer John Kastning on a journey to his home state of Nebraska and learn about Chief Standing Bear, “The Sea of Red,” and what makes the state’s legislature unique in the United States. (Transcript/38kb)

Map of New JerseyNew Jersey

“Beaches, gardens, inventions and rock stars! Get to know my home state — New Jersey!” — Marlene Monfiletto Nice, Cultural Attaché at the U.S. Embassy Vienna. (Transcript/59kb)

New Mexico

Canyons, caves, and chilies: Join Sam from Albuquerque on his tour of the “Land of Enchantment.”
DYK: Although New Mexico is almost 4 times the size of Austria (~315,000 km²), it only has about 1/4 of Austria’s population (~2 million). Learn more about the state of New Mexico. (Transcript/62kb)

Map of New YorkNew York

Big Apple, NY Yankees, potato chips, Jell-O… this state video introduces the Empire State. Meet Mike Greer, Senior Human Resources Officer at the U.S. Embassy. (Transcript/140kb)

Map of North CarolinaNorth Carolina

Why is state capital called Raleigh? Where does #NC‘s nickname Tar Heel State come from? What important event in aviation history took place in NC? Where does NC rank on list of xmas tree producers in the US? Get the answers from Mary Summers Pierce. (Transcript/40kb)

Map of North DakotaNorth Dakota

North Dakota is the home of Deputy Chief of Mission Lee Brudvig, who tells about the state’s history and its wide, open spaces where horses and buffalos roam free. (Transcript/63kb)

Map of OhioOhio

Do you know where the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is located? Or where the first man on the moon hails from? What about Olympic gold-medalist Jesse Owens? Find these answers and more in our latest state video from our intern Michelle Peasley. (Transcript/133kb)




Map of OklahomaOklahoma

Oklahoma! More than a famous musical. Hear about the unique land run, why it is called the Sooner State and many more facts about living in tornado alley by Embassy intern Katherine Mawdsley. (Transcript/139kb)






Map of OregonOregon

“A state with majestic natural resources and a fiercely independent character” – Nathan Cooper from the U.S. Mission to International Organizations in Vienna introduces his home state Oregon. (Transcript/43kb)





Map of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania

The Keystone state – key to America’s independence. Check out the history and culture of Pennsylvania, where many German-speaking immigrants settled, with Christopher Hoh.(Transcript/70kb)


Map of Puerto RicoPuerto Rico

The Isla del encantado-Island of Enchantment is known for its rich culture, food and salsa music! Check out our latest video on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico featuring native Puerto Rican and Public Affairs intern Natasha Gisela! (Transcript/59kb)




Map of Rhode IslandRhode Island

An introduction of the smallest state in the U.S., which has the longest official name. Meet Antoinette Van Zabner, a member of the Fulbright Commission in Austria, who presents the Ocean State. (Transcript/47kb)




Map of South CarolinaSouth Carolina

Golfing, beaches, plantations, the Twist and the youngest current governor in the U.S.! Fun facts about South Carolina. Check out our latest state video with John D’Amicantonio.(Transcript/136kb)




Map of South DakotaSouth Dakota

Mount Rushmore, Wild Bill Hickok, Crazy Horse Memorial, Badlands, Calamity Jane, Black Hills Gold Rush… If these names and places raise a goosebump or two you are at the right place to check them out and follow Public Affairs Counselor Robert Greenan! (Transcript/18kb)

Map of TennesseeTennessee

Find out about the Volunteer State, Music City Nashville and its longest continuously running live radio show, the most visited National Park in the U.S., and where the King of Rock & Roll used to live, presented by our intern Dalton. (Transcript/45kb)




Map of TexasTexas

Everything is bigger in Texas. See for yourself in Political Officer John McDaniel’s video. It’s the latest in our state video line up. (Transcript/136kb)



Map of UtahUtah

Life Elevated, State Parks, ski resorts and the best snow on earth: watch out for more interesting facts from the Beehive State Utah! (Transcript/65kb)






Map of VermontVermont

Small but beautiful: Do you know where Vermont’s name comes from? Can you name the 2 U.S. presidents born in this state? And would you know the state’s – probably – most famous culinary treat? Find out the answer to all these questions in our newest state video with Stephanie Lyons from the Economic/Political Section of the U.S. Embassy. (Transcript/173kb)





Map of VirginiaVirginia

Which U.S. state has about the same population figures as Austria? Find out in the latest addition to our state video series: Judy Friedberg from the Management Section presents her home state. (Transcript/152kb)





Map of WashingtonWashington

April Reiter, former Fulbright teaching assistant in Austria, introduces her home state, the Northwestern corner of the contiguous United States. Enjoy! (Transcript/132kb)






Map of Washington, D.C.Washington, D.C.

Alexa Wesner, U.S. Ambassador to Austria, introduces you to the nation’s capitol, Washington, D.C. (Transcript-pdf/145kb)





Map of West VirginiaWest Virginia

Get to know the beautiful scenery of the Mountain State, mound building Native Americans and coal mining European immigrants, why West Virginia split from Virginia and the mystery of the Mothman!  (Transcript/13kb)





Map of WisconsinWisconsin

Get to know the Cheese State or is it the Badger State? And why is the bratwurst one of the culinary favorites? And why is it so easy to grow cranberries in this state? Jim Bangert from the Economic-Political Section at the U.S. Embassy will tell you these and other facts about his home state Wisconsin. (Transcript/61kb)