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Why Gender, Race, and Ethnicity Matter
February 1, 2023

Discussing gender, race, and ethnicity
Vanessa Spanbauer and Jamil Scott (from left to right)

Jamil Scott, Assistant Professor at Georgetown University, visited Austria for a three-day program in Vienna and Linz to discuss political behavior. She spoke at roundtable discussions to experts and representatives of minority groups, led a workshop for Austrian teachers, gave media interviews, and held a lecture at the Amerika Haus. The latter was moderated by journalist and historian Vanessa Spanbauer and focused on the question how gender, race, and ethnicity impact a person’s decision to run for office, vote, or engage with politics, both in the United States and Austria. View our photo gallery

Vanessa Spanbauer and Jamil Scott on why ethnicity matters
Vanessa Spanbauer and Jamil Scott at the Amerika Haus



Let’s talk policy with Jamil Scott

Jamil Scott is an Assistant Professor at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., where she studies political behavior in the United States. In the interview, she talks about how race and gender impact the decision to participate in activities like running for office, voting, and engaging with politics more generally.