Climate Change: Innovation at the State Level Learning from the California Model

Dr. Sonia Yeh, energy and climate expert, spoke at a series of programs to introduce and discuss state-run policy efforts in California and throughout the U.S. Dr. Yeh is a research scientist at the Institute of Transportation Studies, University of California at Davis and Visiting Professor at Sweden’s Chalmers University of Technology. Her activities in Austria included presentations at universities in three provinces, meetings with experts from the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy, and a public lecture at Vienna’s Amerika Haus.

Dr. Yeh’s expertise is in energy market economics and modeling, lifecycle analysis of greenhouse gas emissions, alternative transportation energy use and modeling, sustainability standards for biofuels, and technological change induced by government policy. Dr. Yeh co-leads the UC research teams with UC Davis and UC Berkeley in supporting the implementation of California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard since 2007 and she is the co-director of the National Low Carbon Fuel Standard Project.